From the moment the Doll arrived, it’s been an integral part of our son’s ability to process this deployment. Having a physical, tangible, huggable doll that features his Dad is invaluable. The bond our son and the doll share is very real, he takes it everywhere we go and loves to tell his friends about it. I was hesitant that a (then) 6 year old, now 7, would take to it, but it was magical. Immediately he was hugging and talking to and carrying around his Daddy Doll. Thank you for making this product, it has made a noticeable difference in our son and his feelings surrounding the absence of his father.


I am so grateful for this company and the dedication to their customers. My high school friend passed away unexpectedly and she left a small child behind. My sister and I are spouses of retired military members and we bought our children Daddy Dolls years ago when their fathers deployed. The dolls helped them to cope with their fathers being deployed so we decided to get my friend’s daughter one to cope with her mother being gone. We were working with my friend’s family to get a photo for the doll but we could not obtain a photo in its original size. The staff at this company was able to take the photos that we were given and crop out the backgrounds to make wonderful dolls that were clear (despite the photos not being in the original size). Thank you so much! We cannot wait for this child to receive her dolls. I would highly recommend Daddy Dolls and will definitely do business with them again in the future.

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